Deccan Gymkhana Animal Welfare Group and Haseena

An Indie love story.

Deccan Gymkhana Animal Welfare Group & Haseena



#Deccan Gymkhana Animal Welfare Group & Haseena“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us”…Robert Louis Stevenson
Goodbye Darling Haseena, run free over the Rainbow Bridge now, free from all aches, pains, road accidents, broken bones 😥💔…..your old pal Big Blackie will be waiting to greet you there.
Haseena, the 15th lane dogs’ dil ki rani died in a tragic accident last week. She was a gentle, happy soul, just the kind of stray dog you want in your lane. When she was sterilized at the Pound, they inadvertently left an ovary behind, so every six months she would come into season like clockwork, and would have at last ten paramours following her day and night for those days. At the forefront would be our ancient crock of a dog – Langda Romeo – deaf, partially blind, almost hairless, lame and yes, neutered!
Monika had to face the wrath of the residents when Haseena came in season – because all the lovelorn males would fight and howl and generally create havoc. She has even sent Hasina away to the safety of Balu’s house just to keep her away from this lascivious lot. Every stray dog has a story. Haseena led a full and eventful life. We will all miss her 😢
This week’s Indie love story is dedicated to Haseena, the much loved Dog in Deccan Gymkhana.
Reprinted with permission from Sushma Date

This is Deccan Gymkhana Animal Welfare Group & Haseena’s story……. what’s yours?

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