Kiran Khaladkar, Krupali Khaladkar ,Krutuja Hukeri and Toasty

An Indie love story.

Kiran Khaladkar, Krupali Khaladkar ,Krutuja Hukeri & Toasty



#Kiran Khaladkar, Krupali Khaladkar ,Krutuja Hukeri & ToastyWhen she was 45 days old, Toasty was dumped in a gunny bag with 4 of her siblings. Some good hoomans would feed them, but most never bothered. One by one her siblings disappeared. By the time we found her, she was the last one left alive with a huge hole in her stomach, probably a result of a rat bite. Survival chances were 50/50, but she was a crazy fighter. Not only did she pull through with great optimism, but she managed to win everyone’s hearts while doing it. She was quite the rebel during her teen years, and even went missing for 10 days when she lost her way. She was finally reunited with us after a pretty crazy search operation, and has ruled the hoomans hearts in true diva fashion ever since.

This is Kiran Khaladkar, Krupali Khaladkar ,Krutuja Hukeri & Toasty’s story……. what’s yours?

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