Labade Kaka and Doggies of Symbiosis Lavale

An Indie love story.

Labade Kaka & Doggies of Symbiosis Lavale


#Labade Kaka & Doggies of Symbiosis LavaleKailas Tukaram Labade in his late 40s, has studied till 4th standard but is wise as any village man in his practical knowledge. He is from a small village in Akola district. He migrated with his family, wife and 3 sons to Pune for work, 8 years back. First time when I saw Labade Kaka in the canteen, he was cleaning tables and plates mechanically. His face never showed sign of any emotions. Then one day it caught my attention when two dogs who usually hang around canteen area were playing with him. I had never seen Labade Kaka smiling and there he was laughing and making playful sounds and those two dogs were on the top of their energy, responding even more playfully. That sight was a very happy sight. And I realised Labade Kaka has emotions. He enjoys company of these stray dogs than hundreds of students and employees who come and eat in the canteen every day. I realised those dogs care for Labade Kaka’s presence when most of us hardly care about his existence. Later when we decided to sterilize all dogs on the campus, Labade Kaka helped us to locate dogs and also to catch them. Those 5 days were very hard on him till dogs returned from Canine Care and Control. After sterilization when dogs came back, they ran to the canteen and jumped high on Labade Kaka. It was a reunion of departed souls who missed each other a lot!! Now with the help of management, we decided to start feeding station for neutered dogs. Labade Kaka again came forward and took the responsibility to feed dogs. We bought feeding bowls and handed over to Labade Kaka. Now Rocky, Paaru and Shippi are disciplined Indies on our campus. They know where and when to get the food. Dogs do not go behind students for food or even do not beg. They are well fed dogs who also guard the area and do not allow other dogs to enter the premises. Management also has got aware about benefits of managing Indies of the campus.

This is Labade kaka & Doggies of Symbiosis Lavale’s story……. what’s yours?

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