Raj and Idli

An Indie love story.

Raj & Idli

#Raj & Idli
A dog called Idli (yes you read that right) and a man called Raj. Friendships are unexpected and take a few seconds to form. Where did Idli come from, no one knows, who named him Idli no one knows? All that we knew was that there was a scared and skittish dog who responded to the name Idli and wanted to eat all the time. One day a local volunteer noticed that Idli had a wound which showed signs of maggot infestation, and hence started her effort to befriend Idli so that she could dress his wound. After three days of sneaking up on a Idli and spraying him with medicine came a day when Idli walked over to the volunteer and showed his wound for dressing. That was the day Idli changed. Gone was the scared skittish dog replaced by a loveable creature who howls in happiness when he sees you, chews your hands as if they are a piece of Tandoori chicken and nibbles on your legs as you walk. Till date Idli has run away from other volunteers except one and that is why today this is Raj and Idlis love story.
Raj a virtual stranger who walked into Idlis territory today only had to call out his name once and Idli came bouncing up to him and smothered him with licks. This from a dog who didn’t like humans and to a man he’s never met before. I would like to believe this is the beginning of a beautiful love story.

This is the beginning of Raj & Idlis’s story……. what’s yours?


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