Ranjan, Manjiree and Koko

An Indie love story.

Ranjan, Manjiree & Koko



#Ranjan, Manjiree & Koko
KOKO was picked from the streets by a young girl as a play mate but lost her vision to tick fever and negligence. In no time Koko lost the roof over her head and become a liability. With everyone looking at her picture but not coming forward to adopt her she was dumped to Crazy Paws homestay run by Vandanaa and Bala with the assurance that Koko was a paid boarder and the girl went missing. Here began a new life for this beautiful pup of 2 months. Koko grew up to be a super intelligent super loving child who enjoyed everything in life even though she had no vision. She was showered with lots of TLC and not as a special child at all. As time went by Koko grew up to be a naughty kid with super hearing skills and a skill to hide footwear everyday 🙂. With no one wanting to adopt her she became a permanent resident at Crazy Paws. During our visits to Crazy Paws, Ranjan always noticed this young dog who walked with her head up in the air smelling new scents and who had this cute tongue hanging out as though she suffered from the Hanging tongue syndrome. Ranjan and I had always wanted to adopt a second child who had zero chances of adoption and it was one fine day in May 2019 we drove down to Crazy Paws, spent over 2 hours asking about Koko and her lifestyle and what care she needed and it was evident that she didn’t need any special care except for soft food as she had no teeth. Koko came to the Rajgopaul family and in no time she taught us to adjust around her. She adapted herself with her hearing being super strong. She does get disturbed with loud sounds but she enjoys to play fetch. She is a normal playful child like every other dog, voracious eater and loves picking up footwear every night and keep them in her bed although she sleeps with us on our bed 🙂. She enjoys car rides, treats, taking panga with Godavari the big cow on the ground. Who knew this girl would change our lives and complete our family showering us with lots of love and mischief.
This is Ranjan, Manjiree & Koko’s story……. what’s yours?
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