Shefali Agrawaal and Hero

An Indie love story.

Shefali Agrawaal & Hero

#Shefali Agrawaal & Hero
I am sure you have heard of a lot of happy stories but mine is bittersweet. Living in a small flat in Mumbai one cannot think of owning one pet but here I am with 3 in the house. Sugar, my cocker spaniel was a gift to my son on his 10th birthday by a friend who taught me the real meaning of compassion..As Sugar would go for her rounds she first made friends with a few pets and gradually she befriended the little strays. Then came Bruno, a rescued golden retriever who followed Sugar’s steps. Everyday we used to go down and feed all the strays and play with them. We ended up feeding 3 female strays and 19 puppies. Unfortunately, the puppies contracted distemper and despite our efforts all but 2 died, Hero and Pablo. I picked them up, took them home and got them vaccinated immediately.. Pablo was responding very well and was absolutely fine and healthy so I put him for adoption and he got adopted. Hero was scared shy and weak.10 days after his vaccination he got his first fit despite the vaccination and his condition deteriorated. The doctor asked me to put him down as I had 2 pets at home and their lives could be at stake, but I was not ready to give up and neither was HERO. We changed his medication from alopathy to homeopathy and he started responding, eating and sleeping. While Hero made it, Pablo’s adoption failed and the family returned him back. Now I was with 4 dogs in the small 2BHK, so I decided to keep Pablo in a foster home till I could get him adopted thinking that Pablo is strong and will manage well but I was wrong. He got attacked by big dogs in the foster and died the same night. I still remember his last good bye when he sat in the taxi and left for the foster home as though questioning me why he has to go alone. His eyes haunt me even now.
Hero made up for all the love and affection but I still have Pablo’s memories engraved. Meanwhile Hero, Sugar and Bruno keep me busy with all their stunts and demands…
This is Shefali & Hero’s love story……. what’s yours?
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