Suprita and Patchy

An Indie love story.

Suprita & Patchy



#Suprita & PatchySometimes, all you need is faith! When we found Patchy, she was in a deplorable condition. She was all skeleton and her pinkish-white skin had turned to a dark shade of yellow. Her eyes were watery and she had clearly given up. It was Diwali, people were burning firecrackers, lighting diyas and welcoming Laxmi home, while we were rushing to the vet’s clinic, urging him to see her just once. He not only opened his clinic and checked her, but also made sure she was stable for the night. After 2 bottles of saline and a few injections, we went home with this almost-dead baby, hoping against hope that she makes it through. Her blood test results were alarming, everyone was amazed that she survived with a bilirubin level of 26 ( normal is below 1). This brave girl, who didn’t even have the strength to walk, crawled to the balcony every day to sit in the sun. She couldn’t even drink water, let alone eat any food. Days passed, and visiting the vet twice a day became our daily routine. Everyone who heard about her thought she wouldn’t make it, but we didn’t give up. Honestly, Patchy didn’t give up. She would sleep while standing, coz lying down was difficult, sometimes she couldn’t breathe, sometimes her heart stopped beating. But every time, she bounced back, every time she told us through her weak eyes that she wants to survive, and she did. After 20 days of being critical, Patchy finally became completely stable. It took a lot of patience, care, love and an immeasurable amount of faith to bring this little baby back to life. Today, Patchy is one of the most beautiful and healthy dogs. She is naughty, loves to play and still enjoys sitting in the sun (during summers too 😊 ). We couldn’t put her back on the streets and we couldn’t give her away, coz she was our Laxmi. Maybe we haven’t earned more money since our Laxmi came home, but we definitely have earned a lot more love, and a lot more hope! Like I said, sometimes, all you need is faith!
This is Suprita & Patchy’s love story……. what’s yours?

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