Aditya and Zorro

The Indie love story of Aditya and Zorro

Aditya and Zorro



Aditya was driving down the road from Crawford market…as he drove past, the sight of two large doe eyes haunted him…he had just driven past 20 puppies crammed in a little cage. The sight tugged at his heart. He drove back to take a look and his heart melted at what he saw. He was quick to pay the price for the tinest puppy barely a few days old…a little ball of fur with the largest kohl lined eyes. He brought the little puppy home but soon realised he was too sick to survive since he had severe gastro…
Having no prior experience with handling pets he took the pup to his doctor in the middle of the night and kept awake the whole night dipping cotton wool into diluted rescue drops and applying it on the lips of the pup….the pup survived and became his darling friend and companion and was lovingly named Zorro after the popular film. Unfortunately Zorro hated being alone and once Aditya got a job he was miserable being left alone and Gulshan, Aditya’s aunt couldn’t bear it and brought him home with the intention of keeping him in her college. Little did she know how ferociously possessive dogs are about their territory…a stray who had made the college campus his home ripped Zorro apart and he had to be rescued with great difficulty. So Zorro moved into the Gidwani home and into the hearts of Aditya’s Nana, Nani, Didi, Mom and Dad! He brought so much joy and love into their hearts that one could not imagine life without him! He lived a happy healthy life till the ripe old age of 17 years and breathed his last in the arms of Aditya, his first master and love!

This is Aditya & Zorro’s story……. what’s yours?

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