Alia and Don

An Indie love story.

Alia & Don



#Alia & DonWe spotted a friendly yet timid and careful pooch on a Sunday afternoon randomly roaming for the first time outside our house. He was well groomed but had a swollen leg which he avoided putting down. For reasons I can’t remember we named him DON however he was everything but one. He was nursed for a fracture and temporarily sent to Animal Farm so that he would be off the streets and had a safe place while his leg healed. The 2 visits during his stay there we found his temperament was shy and reserved and he obviously didn’t like being restrained even though it was for his own good. Soon it was time to bring him back and what an adventurous drive that was. A little restlessness and our inability to understand the signs, he was soon pooping on the back seat and by the time the smell hit us he was done with his business. And that was probably the first time he lived up to his name. Little did we know he would soon become THE DON of our street ruling its residents with his charm, friendliness yet lordly nature all in all while enjoying the simple pleasure of chasing fast vehicles and sleeping in the middle of the road. Today Don is a much loved member of our trouble and ruling the roost here.

This is Alia & Don’s story……. what’s yours?

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