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Anita & Bozo Musashi

Happiness often shows up unexpectedly. Like a sudden drizzle on a hot summer day, life takes unexpected turns & our understanding of love changes overnight.
On a cold Jan eve in 2017, on a busy Bangalore street, the most gut wrenching whine pierced through the still air. I was walking to where my bike was parked and the voices of the people at the tea shop, grew louder as they tried to talk over the desperate cry for help. We searched the area frantically until we found what looked like a ball of fur with two huge eyes. Bleeding, bitten and helpless, this little guy looked up at us with huge chocolate brown eyes. We scooped him in our arms and he stopped crying immediately. We had to save him. We rushed him to the closest vet and all through the journey we, kept praying and hoping he’d make it. The trauma affected him physically, on a great level as it made a similar impression on his character and fears. The wound was extremely deep. The challenge we faced was, what do we do now? So, I took him home in the hopes of keeping him till he gets better but we slowly fell in love with all of his ways!
That night I stayed up watching over him, feeding him and talking to him. After two days of intensive care, our little puppy managed to stand up and take a little walk. After that there was no turning back for our little guy. He has been positive and an absolute delight. As he gained his strength, his paws became springs and he hopped around the house like a kangaroo. Of course he chewed up everything eventually; the sofa, the table, the bed, the door and so much more but he became our world especially my mother’s , she does so much for him and they have a very special bond.
Although, he can be a menace, that naughty face is the serenity some of us seek at the end of the day. He became our little baby boy! By the way, we named him Bozo Musashi!
This is Anita & Bozo Musashi’s story…….what’s yours?

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