Anya and Pepper

An Indie love story.

Anya & Pepper

#Anya & Pepper

Pepper came to us just before New year’s last year. Ivy, a nearby stray, had given birth to a litter of puppies the day before diwali. She was underfed, and a family from our society was kind enough to give her and her puppies a temporary home. I began visiting them for many days after, but without knowing that I was going to end up adopting one. Out of the six siblings, Pepper was the most different. He was the puniest, but also the fastest and strongest. Sometimes, I would sit in the grass and five of the puppies would climb into my lap, dropping off to sleep – while Pepper would be behind me, tugging on my clothes inviting for play. I quickly realized that I wanted to adopt Pepper, and I would go through any measures to do it. I lied to my objecting grandparents, saying that he belonged to a friend on vacation. Only pedigrees were acceptable to my relatives.
People get scared of him because of the way he looks. But it doesn’t matter to us. He’s just a big, loving, energetic baby. There is no end to my love for him. He only acts tough- it’s really easy to scare him. His hobbies are eating, chasing frogs, running, playing with our other dog Pearl, and jumping. He once jumped onto our dining table. He will turn a year old in a couple of months. Pepper will continue to carry on the legacy of his dad, Kondya, who has been living here for 16 years!

This is Anya & Pepper’s love story……. what’s yours?

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