Bonophool Pal and Khuki

An Indie love story.

Bonophool Pal & Khuki


#Bonophool Pal & Khuki

Sometimes a story gets delayed and just as we are about to release it life deals you an unexpected blow. Team Indies received the beautiful story of Khuki a few weeks ago but another beloved indie passed away and we thought it only appropriate to dedicate our weekly story to him. As we got ready to publish Khukis story we were informed of the sad news of Khuki passing away having suffered a cardiac arrest while being treated for kidney failure. Hence this weeks story is in the living memory of Khuki who in her short life span captured the hearts of her family and will forever be a part of their lives.

Khuki was found lying injured on the road by Mr Shailendra Singh but since he was leaving Kolkata his neighbour Saswati Mukherji put up an adoption story in Kolkata Street dogs…my daughter immediately wanted to adopt this female Indie since no one was adopting a Female Indie …she came to our house…at first she remained indifferent and cold and was always wanting to stay with me only … I took her to an animal psychiatrist Paramita Das who recommended that Khuki is an alpha female and she should be treated like boss over other dogs in the house…and gradually following her words she soon become the doll of the house .. we couldn’t imagine our life without Khuki and I thank God for giving me Khuki who not only became an integral part of our family but also became a care taker for Denzel our other dog. A few weeks back Khuki suddenly developed health issues and suffered kidney failure. Unable to get her the required treatment in Kolkata we booked her on the train to Bangalore and made the long journey with her. She was at peace throughout the train ride as if knowing that her being comfortable would bring solace to us and as we reached Bangalore and started her treatment she decided it was time to say goodbye and cross over the rainbow bridge. Rest in Peace darling Khuki. You will be missed greatly.

This is Bonophool and Khuki’s story……. what’s yours?

Bonophool Pal

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