Diksha and Tommy

An Indie love story.

Diksha & Tommy



#Diksha & TommyMy heart breaks everytime it rains because it makes me remember Tommy.
Tommy was a pet of a Muslim family in my society, they had bought him when he was a month old and he was kept in a cage outside their house, I would visit and feed him daily, I remember coming back from the school and keeping extra chapatis for him and feeding him those chapatis… Whenever he saw me he would come wagging to me and cuddle with me. He wasn’t my pet but I loved him more than one! Later when he started growing up the family left him open to fend for himself. It had become my daily routine to feed Tommy and some other dogs.
Tommy was my brave child. He grew up and grew old with me. He was 13 when one day it was raining, an electric box was passing current as a wire had exposed in water. Some kids were playing around this electric box that evening. Tommy had maybe sensed the current and went running to check if everyone was safe. And suddenly he held the open wire in his mouth and died there and then!
Tommy was a hero, nobody knew about the electric box until this happened. I had heard his scream and went running but until I could help him he was gone…. My brave little soul now resides with angels and watches over us.

This is Diksha & Tommy’s story……. what’s yours?

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