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Dr. Shashikala & Raja

Raja a wonderful dog lived in my society for a couple of years. His journey stated back in 2012 when he arrived approximately 2 years old, extremely playful and best friends with another abandoned dog called Sudama. Both were super friendly and I started feeding them and taking care of them however trouble brew up when these two enjoyed sitting on top of expensive cars during the nights and had gang wars with other visiting dogs. The society gave orders that Raja and his friend Sudama should be removed from the society. The situation reached a stage where one day during my evening walk I found Raja tied to a tree and his mouth had been tied too so that he didn’t make any sound. To my horror I realised that the watchman had been ordered to throw Raja out of the society. Fearing for his life I untied Raja and brought him to my house. What I didn’t realize was that another noose had been tied tightly from the neck to head so that he couldn’t open his jaws. Raja came up to me asked me for help. That’s when I saw this noose due to which he was bleeding from his head. I untied it and immediately called my fried Hema for help. We both moved Raja and his friend Sudama to a safe house for the night. Next morning a new resident of our society Vishal Gaware decided to adopt both of them and they found a home and freedom for the next 4 years. Unfortunately Vishal passed away suddenly leaving them homeless. We were in a predicament what to do. After a lot of thought we moved him to Animal Farm where he found a home. Today I maintain Raja there and while its not the ideal situation, he is safe, and well taken care of and though I miss him its better to have him in a safe place than to have him threatened on a daily basis. He has grown older and I visit him sometimes and feel at peace to see a nice handsome boy who is well settled. Raja I miss you but I know you are happy and your friend Sudama misses you too and has an interesting story as well which I will share soon.

This is Shashikala & Rajas story…….what’s yours?

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