Encouraging compassion through humane education

Encouraging compassion through humane education

Compassion and care for animals is a trait that must be inculcated into human beings from as young an age as possible. It is important to show them to respect animals and be kind to them instead of being cruel.

Leading by example is very important. Instead of adopting a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality. It is important that you show children instances where you have cared for and been kind to animals.

Studies show that most criminals in cases where they have violated individual human beings could be identified earlier in their lives to being involved in cases of animal abuse too.

Most important of all is to surround children with source material such as novels (as well as some non- fiction sources to provide information) that will help to inculcate a sense of compassion for animals in them.

Humane treatment of animals is something that must be taught, shown and encouraged in children from a very young age. If this is not done, then reversing such behaviours can be extremely difficult and, after all, prevention has always proven to be much better than cure for every person.

One of the leading causes of animal cruelty abounding in our society is that people do not interact with animals and do not follow the path of coexistence. Could this be because animals are voiceless?  This does not have to mean such a huge barrier between our species. By providing novels written from the point of view of an animal and providing some play time with domesticated animals during growing up years in schools can help solve this problem and make humans more compassionate towards the plight of animals.


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