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How to make a First Aid Kit for Indies?

Its always good to have a First Aid Kit with you to ensure timely and on the spot treatment can be given to an animal in distress before taking the decision to move the animal to a doctor
Some basic medication that you can carry in your first aid kit are as follows
Hydrogen Peroxide
Worex Syrup
Hand Sanitiser*
Betadine Solution
M-Cam Tablets
Sylate Tablets
5ml Syringes
Neomec Tablets
Scavon/ Topicure
Betnesol Oral Solution
Spectrazole Lotion
Avil Tablets
Antibiotic Dressing Powder*
Ondansetron Tablets
Anal Digital Thermometer*
Dependol M Tablets
Also remember if you are going for a rescue case you will need:
Plastic bags*
Muzzle (Gauze Bandage)
Stretcher/ Towel*
Plastic Sheet*

Who are the Animal Welfare officers? How are they appointed and what powers do they have?

How to Select a Foster for your Indie?

Finding a foster can be tough but there are lots of people out there who open their hearts and homes to animals in need. Before selecting a foster remember to clarify the following questions:
1. Do they have space in their home?
2. Are there other pets and will they accept a stray dog?
3. What is the work schedule of the family, will someone be at home to attend to the dog
4. Will the foster take care of the treatment, vet bills, food etc? If not what arrangements are you planning to make?
5. Will the foster work with you towards getting the dog adopted? Are they ok to have families visiting them to see the dogs?

Remember most of the times the dog requiring a foster will be a medical case or a puppy which will require more time and attention than regular pets and a foster parent has to be able to provide that.

How to Select an Adopter for your Indie?

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What should i do if a dog bites me?

All people dealing with animals or who feed them regularly should get themselves
vaccinated annually.

In case you are bitten by a dog, you need post bite anti-rabies vaccinations,

Ideally 0 day, 3day, 7day, 21day, 60 day.

If you are bitten by a RABID dog (confirmed) then you will need immunoglobulins
from the nearest government hospital.

The dog that has bitten you, needs to be monitored for a week after.

What should you do if you spot an injured dog?

Immediately contact your Vet for assistance or call for an ambulance.
If the dog is ALLOWING you to touch , only then approach ( they may BITE) or you
can try to muzzle or restrain the pooch.
Tie up any bleeding you may see ( if the leg or tail completely cut off, there can be
a lot of blood loss) Even a rope will do. Just to stop the bleeding temporarily.
Move the dog very carefully to a safer spot
( bedsheet, towel, gunny bag)
Can try offering water + BETNESOL drops (life saving)

What can i feed a stray dog? Dos and Dont's

If you feed stray dogs remember to be a responsible feeder and ensure that your feeding does not cause garbage, disruption to others. As advised by the AWBI Care-givers are advised not to feed street dogs close to residences not their own. They are also advised to avoid feeding street dogs immediately adjacent to areas in which children play, or people take walks, or that are otherwise crowded. Moreover, feeding must not be done in a manner that contributes to littering, or dirtying any feeding site. Care-givers are advised to clean up feeding sites after feeding is over.
Here are some Do’s & Dont’s
1. Feed in one regular spot on a daily basis which is away from peoples home, parks, walking lanes etc
2. Remember to pick up any left over food and dispose it off in a hygenic manner
3. Dont put food on pavements, use bowls or put on newspapers and pick up after they have finished
4. If feeding biscuits remember to avoid high sugar containing biscuits like Glucose. Stick to Marie
5. Remember stray dogs need to also scavenge to keep active so try and feed only once a day
6. Do not leave behind any newpapers or left over food to be picked up by your municipality, clean up after your feeding routine
7. Stick to a daily routine and time of feeding as dogs follow a routine

How should you prepare yourself to adopt an Indie?

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When to de-worm an Indie? And importance of de-worming

Worms live in the digestive tract.
• They suck up all the nutrition, so the dog doesn’t get any
• Worms are treated with oral medication or anti- parasite injections
• Adult street dogs are generally only dewormed when symptomatic
• Symptoms are: yellow discharge in eyes, bloated stomach but thin otherwise, generally eating well but not putting on weight, white specks or worms around anus
• Puppies take an oral solution, adults
take tablets

How do i know if an Indie is fit for adoption? Some Indies are not, why is that?

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How do i identify a Rabid Dog?

Rabies is an incurable disease, transferable to humans through blood and saliva. (bites, scratches and licks)
• The signs and symptoms are jaw paralysis, glassy eyes, gunk in eyes, violent aggression, frothing at the mouth, lethargy, hiding, or sudden change from normal behaviour



Preventive immunisation in people working with stray animals is a must
Safe, effective vaccines also exist for human use. Pre-exposure immunisation in people is recommended for animal handlers in rabies-affected areas.

What is the best age for an Indie to be adopted by a family?

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If i see a dog owner treating their pets cruelly what actions can i take?

As per AWBI Guidelines If any animal is subjected to any form of cruelty specified treated in any cruel way, in any of the ways provided under Section11 (a) to (o) of The Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals Act, 1960, the offender (in the case of a first offence) will have to pay fine
which shall extend to fifty rupees and if it is the case of second offence or subsequent
offence committed within three years of the previous offence, he will be fined with not
less than twenty-five rupees but which may extend to one hundred rupees or with the
imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months or with both. Also, in the
case of second offence, the offender’s vehicle is confiscated, and he will never be
allowed to keep an animal again.

As a volunteer am i protected by the police for my volunteering efforts?

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What can i do if i find an abandoned pet dog?

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Someone is poisoning the indies where i live, can the police help?

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