Gadkari Family and Masti

An Indie love story.

Gadkari Family & Masti




#Gadkari family & MastiMASTI the Indie resides in ‘Manas’, Aswin Society, Nasik Road – in the house of late Lt.Col. C.V.Gadkari ( who was also a test cricket player).
Three years back on the day of Gopashtami Mts Gadkari found a small puppy – 6 to 7 weeks old inside the compound. She was so small that she managed to get inside through the gap between the gate and the ground. She was scared as big dogs had beem chasing her. Everyone in Gadkari family was crazy about dogs and always had dogs with them. But after Mr. Gadkari passed away and his son and daughter settling in U.S. it became difficult for Mrs. Gadkari to keep a dog as she was getting on with age. She was sad about it. Thus Masti was adopted by the old lady. Masti has given her whole hearted love and loyalty to her, protected her, guarded her house till the lady passed away in March 2019. But luck changed once again for Masti as Mr Gadkari the son of the house has decided to come back from U.S and settle in his ancestral home and hence Masti will stay in her forever home forever.

This is Gadkari family & Masti’s story……. what’s yours?

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