Gurpreet and Rani

An Indie love story.

Gurpreet & Rani

#Gurpreet & Rani

This one is for my darling Rani who passed away earlier this week at the age of 14. Rani also called by other loving names…but for most of us she was known as the HSBC Queen…
Rani had initially been adopted by an employee of HSBC but was left on the road and became the HSBC Dog somewhere around 2004-05.
Eight years back in 2011 when we moved to Raheja son at four years old befriended her and she became my sons companion. Every morning he would smartly smuggle a small part of his breakfast for her and would feed her before boarding his school bus and this became an everday ritual for both him and Rani..who would eagerly greet us every morning… His enthusiasm rubbed off on me as well and i also started feeding her regularly…if ever i would meet her in the afternoon she would make me buy a chocolate muffin from a tapri outside…and i was not supposed to open the packet for her..she would carry it across the road outside HSBC and open it by herself..and this she would do it with many people…..
Rani was the only dog who was allowed to sleep inside HSBC premises…every guard was saddened by her demise….. She was a queen outside HSBC …who wouldn’t allow any dog to pass by..but of late she became friends with Tanny and was allowed to settle outside HSBC…. maybe she knew her time was coming to an end and she needed to pass on the mantle if HSBC dog to another doggie.
Rani bitia….Im gonna miss you every morning. ..Raheja woods and HSBC will miss their Queen….
Hope you Rest in Peace Bitia….and be in a better world…..

This is Gurpreet & Rani’s story……. what’s yours?

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