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Hema and Sona

Having lost 3 out of my 5 dogs in 2011 to kidney failure I decided not to get any more dogs,as the heartache was unbearable. Sona was born in our cluster garden and lived there. A friend had made a small wooden house for her as come rain or high water nobody wanted to give her an inch of space to protect her against nature’s fury along with the fact that the security used to hit her leaving her scarred for life. Till date she’s scared of people in uniforms.
In 2012 all of a sudden our society committee decided that her wooden shelter had to be removed as it is in a public space . At the age of 8 Sona suddenly had no place to call her own and i decided she should have a safe secure place to live and got her home. It took her nearly 8/9 months to adjust to our other dogs. Today she has become a puppy once again and is a big coffee addict. She is the eldest of the four I have now and is like a mother to my other babies.
My Sona my precious child

This is Hema & Sonas story……. what’s yours?

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