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Kamala, Madhulika & Lucky

Lucky’s life started on the streets with living on the street, a bag of bones and covered in severe mange. People would avoid her with disgust and would throw stones to drive her away. One day we found her creeping along and fed her food and water. Haunted by the sight of her we spent the next few weeks looking for her but she had vanished. When we had nearly given up we saw her again and our lives (Lucky and ours) changed forever, we found her and began feeding everyday. But without our knowledge another kind lady picked up Lucky and took her to the hospital for treatment. We were so worried but luckily for us the watchman informed us of the lady’s whereabouts and she told us that Lucky would be back once the mange was cured . As soon as Lucky was back we went and picked her up as we didn’t want to loose her again and she came home and became a part of our family. But this wasn’t the end of Lucky’s story, as she grew more secure and her personality blossomed over the next 6 years we contacted the Animal Angels Foundation, where therapy dogs help so many people, children and adults, who are physically or mentally challenged, or sometimes just shy or insecure and need a little love and a happy wag of the tail. Much to our delight Lucky was chosen as a therapy dog owing to her calm, gentle temperament. Today Lucky visits schools every week and helps kids with challenges to overcome their struggles by allowing them to pet her, play with her or simply enjoy her company. She has a hob that she loves and literally drifts off to sleep with a smile on her face….with the knowledge that she will never again be alone.
This is Kamala, Madhulika & Lucky’s story……. what’s yours?

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