Kapil and Sophie

An Indie love story.

Kapil & Sophie



#Kapil & SophieSophie was found by one of Kapil’s Lawn tennis partners wife on her morning jog, she was approximately a 2 month old puppy shivering and sitting next to a bench. They couldn’t keep her, so thats how Kapil got her home, with the intention to foster her and find her a nice home.
2 days after he got her he found a potential adopter for her. Sophie spent a night there, didn’t sleep, didn’t eat, cried all night and didn’t let them sleep either. So they returned her back to Kapil and this story continued 4-5 times that Kapil found her a home. She refused to eat or stay with anybody else. That’s when he realised that Sophie was destined to stay at his place as his doggo forever! Kapil and Sophie found their best friends in each other and now live happily together.

This is Kapil & Sophie’s story……. what’s yours?

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