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Katie, Hachi & Yuki

I’ve had dogs in my life as long as I can remember, the majority being rescued Indies. When my beloved Misha died, I was determined not to keep another. A casual visit and a semi-wish to a rescue center, and Hachi entered my life one night, a tiny, trembling golden pup who fitted into the palm of my hand. He was named by my friend who had just seen the movie Hachiko. Hachi grew rapidly on a diet of my favorite books, currency notes (both ₹1000/- and ₹100/-)newspapers, sofa corners, and everything imaginable. He managed to break his leg in the process but I’m glad that phase is over, as he has become one of the most loving and friendly dogs I’ve had. The only negative statement I can make about him today is his determination to be nasty to vets! A year after Hachi was comfortably installed on my sofas and beds, I realized he was lonely when I wasn’t around. Another casual chat with Ranjan brought me to an adoption camp, and I returned home with Yuki. I suffered four years of chewed books, destroyed ₹1000/- notes (I’m grateful this was pre-demonetisation and ₹2000 /- notes saved!) books, clothes garden flowers and plants, even lampshades.. .. You get the picture!
Today Yuki’s halo shines brightly and one of her most endearing traits is welcoming visitors by standing on the gate, a big smile on her face, and her tail wagging furiously.
Despite the various chewed notes and objects I wouldn’t change anything and haven’t regretted giving them a home and all the affection that I have in me because I have got unmeasurable love and total loyalty back in spades

This is Katie & Hachi & Yukis story……. what’s yours?

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