An Indie love story.



We have published the story of Katie and her babies Hatchi and Yuki before. But this time we present this story in honor of Katie Hoosein who passed away two weeks ago after a long illness. And hence this is simply Katie’s story.
Katie was an ardent animal lover and spent her life rescuing and taking care of multiple cats and dogs. She always reached out to any volunteer who was in need of help whether it was monetary or requirement of medicines or bedding, to the extent that she even drove people around in her car to the vets with injured animals and stood holding the leash and handed out medicines to volunteers carrying out first aid. Katie was a name known to everyone whether it was a dog group, cat group, local area volunteer groups, animal shelters….. everyone had come across Katie and seen her love for animals. As her health started deteriorating earlier this year Katie had only one worry on her mind as to what would happen to her dogs Hatchi and Yuki and her cats Mika and Kiki, all 4 rescued by her. But such is Katie’s legacy that all her friends stepped up and are ensuring that all 4 babies will be well cared for. Katie leaves behind a huge void, a void that can only be filled by helping more and more animals as that is all that Katie wanted in her life. Katie we miss you terribly but more than us its all the animals who relied on you who miss you and it is for them that we must ensure that we continue the work and help any animal in distress.

This is Katies story.

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