Kuntalika, Muffy and Maggie

An Indie love story.

Kuntalika, Muffy & Maggie

#Kuntalika, Muffy & Maggie

We had been married for around two years when we thought of adding paws to our tiny family of two. Whole looking for ways to buy a healthy puppy I came across Muffy’s pic on Facebook and pinged the lady in charge, Natasha Asnani an angel for forsaken dogs and pups. Muffy was in between fosters so I struck upon a plan to foster Muffy ourselves to learn about him and us( as to if we were capable). Next thing we knew we had failed big time as foster parents and becomes his adopted parents. He was obedient and understanding from the very first day despite his background being pretty traumatic. Muffy accepted us as his parents and then there was no looking back from there. And then we thought we wanted a next puppy as we wanted to experience the feeling all over again. And we picked up this little white bundle from near our society gate one day. Soft cotton ball of a puppy. She was so small she weighed under 2 kgs but was around more than a month old. She was very timid and sticking to the corners for a day or two. Then the real personality got unleashed. Our daughter Maggie is no less than a whirlwind in the house. But when the two play like crazy our mission gets fulfilled of providing a loving home and company to enjoy…

This is Kuntalika, Muffy & Maggie’s story……. what’s yours?

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