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Laura & Toby

#Laura & Toby

This one is a typical Bollywood story of Desi Munda & English Mem.
Toby knew he needed help and found the perfect person in Manjiree to approach and ask for help. He was so dirty that he was appropriately christened Muddy right then and there. He was brought to the clinic with a head full of maggots and even though he must have been in immense pain he was the softest thing and let Laura do anything to him. She gave him and herself about 5 baths and Muddy became the most beautiful boy. This was the beginning of a beautiful love story. He was just the sweetest quietest thing, like nothing bothered him. Once he was de maggotted and on his way to healing, he went to his foster home with Tiffany and her mum. We soon realised he couldn’t go back on the streets, as he is too soft. Laura didn’t think she could have a dog, she was worried about taking him on a flight but then couldn’t stop thinking about him…… And the decision was made. Muddy became Toby and found a permanent home with Laura. Not only is he a beloved pet now but also a part of the welcoming committee when you visit Crown Vet where Laura works. As and when Laura decides to return to England, Toby will just have to get used to flying and the cold weather. He is now accustomed to life as Lauras nursing assistant, bow ties, weekly baths and loads of chicken and is getting ready to celebrate his first Christmas.

This is Laura & Toby’s story……. what’s yours?

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