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Monika Pandhare & Mini

It was one sultry July morning that I first saw Minnie. A group of us were in hot pursuit of one of our indies, Ramlal, who had a fractured leg and as I sprinted past the buildings near my house, out of the corner of my eye I saw a tiny white pup sitting on the steps of the bank; something about her was so appealing, but I didn’t have time to stop and go up to her then, Ramlal being the priority.
A few hours later, I entered my building premises and to my surprise, there was the little white pup, sitting in a corner, looking apprehensive and scared
We already have a gang of indies in our lane, but I couldn’t say no to her, and because she was so tiny, named her Minnie….the grand Daddy indie of our lane, Big Blackie, soon took her under his wing and she would be seen following him around happily
Minnie soon grew up to be quite a large doggie, very skittish and jumpy, hyper, wouldn’t let me come near her at all….though she would follow me at a distance every time I stepped out. And then one fine day, she started teething with a vengeance! She worked her way through numerous bike seat covers (ripped up my hubby’s bike seat thrice!), fenders, tyres, I was at a loss as to what to do! Finally, applying vinegar to the bike seats worked and she thankfully stopped chewing them up! When she was 6 months old and due for sterilisation, she led us on another merry-go-round! A group of us tried catching her for 3 weeks, finally a dose of sedalin worked in the 4th session and Madam Minnie was caught and sent off for spaying!!
Minnie is a year and a half now, still gives me sleepless nights at times due to her behaviour, but finally she’s started coming close to me, jumping up and down excitedly near me, and comes to me when I call out to her (she still doesn’t let me pet her, though) 😄
She’s my favourite indie girl in my lane, my Minnie

This is Monika & Minne’s story…….what’s yours?

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