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Mr. Ramachandran, Anuja, Bharti, Laura, Kangana, Katie, Manjiree, Ranjan, Marissa & Whitey

Whitey managed to pull on the heart strings of all and today as he crossed over the rainbow bridge he reminded us that for a common cause it’s possible for all of us to collaborate and coexist peacefully.
Whitey was a very active and friendly slim boy. He lived in a side lane for about 5 years and then decided to change his territory but not before coming to his caretakers residence and letting him know where he had moved to. It was obvious he had won over other people as well as he seemed well looked after. Eating scraps from the food stalls, or being fed by generous volunteers he was happy and at peace, though why he wanted to sleep next to a divider with his legs out is a mystery no one could solve? A couple of weeks ago Whitey fell ill and countless people rallied around him night and day to get him to recover, but finally with a tummy full and a cozy bed Whitey decided it was time and he passed away peacefully.
Whitey was a fair and kind alpha dog until the very end. Friendly and loving he made friends with everyone in his vicinity- humans, dogs and even some cats.
Rest in peace lovely Whitey. We love you!

This is Whitey & countless volunteers story…….what’s yours?

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