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Nagarvala School & Rufus

#Nagarvala School & Rufus

For the first time we are featuring not one or two humans with their Indie but a whole school and their unofficial school mascot Rufus. This is the story of an adorable big fella called Rufus. While no one’s quite sure of his origin there is no doubt that he is one of a kind! Rufus lives on the Nagarvala Day School Campus and is something of a mascot for the students, teachers and helpers. Many a passerby has been captivated by Rufus’s big, black, saucer like eyes as he watches the world go by from his favourite spot on the ledge behind the school’s chain-link fence. Most people adopt dogs but it was Rufus that adopted the Nagarvala School when he first wandered in during the early 2000’s. He felt so at home here that his original owners decided to leave him in our care. He almost immediately endeared himself to everyone at the school with his good nature and formed a serendipitous connection with the school watchman, who in turn cares for him as if he were his own dog. In his younger, wilder days Rufus would regularly be seen tearing gleefully down the emerald grass of the school’s football pitch; chasing after squirrels and insects. He now contents himself with leisurely evening strolls across the school’s grounds. What we love the most about Rufus is the unbridled affection, devotion and loyalty that he shows to those who care for him. If you manage to befriend Rufus you can be certain that you’ll have a pal for life!
This is Jasmin, Nagarvala school & Rufus’s story……. what’s yours?

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