Priti Kothari and Babli

An Indie love story.

Priti Kothari & Babli

#Priti Kothari & Babli

I vividly remember the day i first met Babli. It was the 19th of January 2014. I had few domino pizza crusts which were leftover and i was looking for a dog to feed them to. Just outside the pumping station in Kalyani Nagar i saw a new dog and went to give her the food.
As i went close by i realized she was a new Mom and had delivered three puppies just a few hours earlier. A kind old ragged beggar gave his shawl to make her comfortable while i rushed home and fetched milk and biscuits for her. When i went to feed her the next day one of her pups had died. I started a daily routine of feeding her and ensuring her remaining pups didn’t go astray as she was very close to the main road with heavy traffic. One day i couldn’t find one of her puppies till Babli pointed me to the sand pit and i dug and found her puppy underneath. I had managed to save the puppy but i decided to request the pumping station guys to allow Babli and her puppies to stay inside their compound and they happily agreed.
Unfortunately her pups didn’t survive but since 2014 Babli lives happily under the care of the pumping station staff. She waits for me daily for her feed and if i am late she walks up to my society gate to remind me that she’s is hungry.

This is Priti & Babli’s love story……. what’s yours?

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