Priti Kothari and Ellie/ Diana/ Rosie / Millie / Rani

An Indie love story.

Priti Kothari & Ellie/ Diana/ Rosie / Millie / Rani

#Priti Kothari & Ellie/ Diana/ Rosie / Millie / Rani

How many names can a Dog have? One, two? How about 5? Introducing Ellie who has not one but 5 names, depending on which lane she is roaming around in, Ellie is also Diana, Rosie, Millie and Rani. Ellie is about 7 years old and had been taken care of by Priti Kothari who ensures that she along with her other friends are fed regularly, bathed, groomed, vaccinated. Elli is known for accompanying gym members to the lift and also getting in the lift if her favorite friends are there, fiercely protective of the humans who feed her and take care of her and always ready to shake your hand. Elli has excellent skills while crossing the road, she will watch the cats coming and wait patiently till the road clears up. As soon as Priti walks in with her food bag on her morning round Ellie is the first one to greet her and ensure she gets the bigger chunk of food.
This is Priti & Ellies love story……. what’s yours?

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