Raja, Anuja and Lucy

An Indie love story.

Raja, Anuja & Lucy

#Raja, Anuja & Lucy

Sometimes a dog is so special that not one but two people write in with their stories in her honor. In Lucy’s honour we present you a short memoir from two people who will miss her presence the most.

Raja and family found Lucy a couple of years back while walking their pet. She was slim, flighty, happy, friendly, soft brown eyed female Indie who came forward to greet them. The entrance to Lane 10 where they live never had an Indie and they were pleasantly surprised to see this sprightly Indie dashing towards them. Their friendship grew as the days passed and every time she noticed Rajas family walking in the lane, she happily escorted them.
Up like a spring, whenever she saw someone she loved passers by, demanded endless petting, nudging her light brown nose surrounded by the softest of pink skin which made her look like a delicate princess. Her besties were – Jack and Bella who later joined the pack – she never ate food without offering to them.
Anuja remembers Lucy for her lovable nature. She loved to give her paw as a greeting and always snuck in a few kisses. Despite being abused several times by people, she trusted and loved the people in the neighbourhood and warmed the hearts of many
Happiness however was short lived. This Independence day one cruel and cold blooded man behind the wheels of a very swanky car crushed her and she breathed her last. She is missed by her mates, few friendly residents in Lane 10 and some soft-hearted housing society security guards.
Lucy will be remembered for her soulful eyes and her charming personality. And for the inconsiderate humans – you need not love an animal but there is no need to hate them. Learn to drive safe.
Princess Lucy, rest in peace!

This is Raja, Anuja & Lucy’s love story……. what’s yours?

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