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Ranjan, Manjiree & Chutki

Ranjan, Manjiree & ChutkiI began feeding street dogs in Kalyani Nagar in 2007. I became an active animal volunteer and level one ResQ volunteer in 2008, helping treat many street dogs for injuries, in accidents etc. In late 2012, I met and began dating Manjiree, an animal volunteer and activist from the Deccan Gymkhana area. We met at an adoption camp, ironically.  We eventually got married in August 2013. Till that point I didn’t have a doggie at home, though our family had had many during my childhood, while Manjiree had three at that time. In November 2013, Manjiree’s sister [Anjali] was treating a mange case on Apte Road, who upon full recovery, was hit by a car while crossing the road. This little pup came to us with broken hind legs – one clean break and the other shattered like a twig. She also had missing teeth and multiple other scars. We only took her in as fosters, to heal, intending to give her up for adoption when she was ready. From day one, where I remember holding her hind legs up with a towel around her middle, in the garden, she pooped and peed in extreme discomfort; subsequently she refused to do her stuff in the garden. Guess she had already made this her home. We got her sterilized and she turned into a beautiful, affectionate doggie – however as regards other dogs – she proved to be a pint sized bully. When she eventually healed, we took her to a number of adoption camps. We were fortunate that she didn’t get adopted. After three camps, my Dad [Ramana Rajgopaul] one day said – she isn’t going to any more camps, her name is Chutki Rajgopaul, and so she’s been our mother, daughter, granddaughter, protector and spirit picker upper, ever since! She’s also the Alpha on the whole block. She dislikes other dogs being in the house so we haven’t been able to foster other sick/injured animals very often, but she puts up with us coming home smelling of dozens of other dogs every day!
This is Ranjan, Manjiree & Chutkis story……. what’s yours?
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