Revati and Reeco

An Indie love story.

Revati & Reeco


#Revati & Reeco

Revati remembers the day vividly when her family was informed about a dog adoption camp in the nearby school, they had no plans to adopt but still went to have a look. Though it was an adult dog adoption camp, there were few indie puppies up for adoption and that was the moment she noticed a black and brown pup among the other white-furred puppies. His innocent face and mesmerizing eyes caught her attention and she knew that she had to take him home. Fast forward to 4 years and this innocent pup has turned into a mischievous boy who is still winning hearts despite all his tantrums and tactics. He loves being outdoors, sunbathing and chasing birds and squirrels in the parking but also feels like the protagonist of escape plan always coming up with new ways of absconding to have a gala time with his indie friends in the neighborhood. Apart from this he has become an expert in emotional blackmailing and always knows how to get things done his way as he knows that nobody can say no to the ‘puppy face’ he makes. Reeco loves to chase and play hide-and-seek with us and his mischievous and naughty behavior helps us keep the child within us alive.

This is Revati and Reeco’s story……. what’s yours?

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