Saroj & Konark Splendour Society with Iris and Elliot

An Indie love story.

Saroj & Konark Splendour Society with Iris and Elliot

#Saroj & Konark Splendour Society with Iris and Elliot

In a first of sorts this is a story where it’s not one or two people and their Indies but a whole society that has stepped forward and taken ownership of Iris and Elliot. Pretty girl Iris and her handsome partner Elliot live in Konark Splendour society and are cared for by the society under the supervision of Saroj Soparkar. While Iris has been living in the society for ever, Elliot was dropped outside the society gates as a puppy where he stayed for two years before he came in and became best friend with Iris. These two get along with most of the society dogs but are a favourite of all society kids with Iris being their princess whole Elliot is the more sober and quiet one. Whatever little hiccups we have faced over the years have been sorted with support of fellow animal lovers coming in and guiding the society members. For anyone hoping to see how to keep a dog as a society dog, can see these two who are sterilised, vaccinated yearly, fed in a dedicated place, introduced to all society members and loved by the security guards.
This is their home for as long as they live . They have adopted us to teach us selfless love, immense patience , be happy with all that you get , stay calm and above all share love all the time .

This is Saroj, Konark Splendour Society and Iris & Elliots story……. what’s yours?

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