Satya, Nayana and Fluffy a.k.a Jumbo

An Indie love story.

Satya, Nayana & Fluffy a.k.a Jumbo



#Satya, Nayana & Fluffy aka JumboEvery dog deserves to be loved and cared for, and our little Fluffy got exactly that, doting parents Satya and Nayana and an amazingly sweet sister, Riri. But life wasn’t a bed of roses for Fluffy always. Those of you who have been reading about Fluffy on our page know that he was found abandoned on the street of Kalyani Nagar in a more than deplorable condition; his rear legs had multiple fractures, hip bone was broken and his testicles were hanging out of the sack. One can only imagine how long he was suffering and what pain he was in until Ranjan, Manjiree and Shivani, animal rescuers and volunteers of Kalyani Nagar picked him and took him to Crazy Paws. He was then taken to RESQ for his surgery and treatment.
Along with physical injuries, Fluffy also showed signs of ill-treatment as he cowered with every touch and barked at every human and animal. It took months of patience, love and care for him to ultimately start trusting humans. Fluffy slowly came out of his shell, and that’s when we realized what a beautiful puppy he was. He made so many friends at CP, we almost lost count. 😊 Once completely healed, he quickly learned to walk on the leash, follow simple commands, and most importantly, to enjoy himself. It was now time to look for a forever home for this beautiful boy, and finding the perfect home wasn’t very difficult.
Undoubtedly, without good Samaritans who work day in and day out for the voiceless, Fluffy wouldn’t have found a new life and his forever home. Fluffy is extremely happy, but the people who saved him are happier! Fluffy now is Jumbo and while his new parents have fallen in love with him and given him his forever home, this love story would be incomplete without mentioning Vandana at crazy paws who put in her heart and soul along with her husband Bala for over 3 months in rehabilitating Fluffy back to his original self

And hence this is Satya, Nayana, Vandana, Bala, Ranjan, Manjiree, Shivani and Fluffy’s story……. what’s yours?

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