Shashi and Julie

An Indie love story.

Shashi & Julie



#Shashi & JulieJulie came into our lives in 2004. She was an unusual indie hardly 16 inches tall. She had thick soft brown hair, fluffy bouncy ears and was very pretty. Her size never matched her qualities. She was extremely confident, could take on bigger dogs with ease, had the quickness of breeze, was super intelligent and fiercely loyal. We used to take Pepper, our first dog for long walks and Julie started following us. Slowly she started visiting our house and I started feeding her. Pepper fell in love with Julie and accepted her wholeheartedly. In fact we all fell in love with her. Early 2005 we decided to take her in fully. At that time she was being chased by laborers and residents who wanted to get rid of her. But we wanted her and she became a part of our family. She was around 3 years at that time. She lived with us for 15 long years. Our first dog Pepper derived confidence from Julie. Nobody could enter our house without Julie’s permission. She fiercely guarded us and the house and when she went for walks, other dogs in the society simply watched her with respect and admiration. No one came near her as she was her own master. Age never caught up with her physical appearance and people always asked if she was a pup.
This year on 23rd July we had to put her to sleep as she developed multiple health complications. Miss you immensely Julie. I am sure you are with Pepper and watching us from above.
This is Shashi & Julie’s love story……. what’s yours?

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