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Shivani & Kondya

Brought home as a little puppy to entertain the kids and dumped on the road once the novelty wore off and the reality set in Kondya has spent the better part of his 15 years making soulful eyes at all passerby’s. Looked after by Shivani who jumps to his defence as he’s notorious for occasionally jumping on cars and scooters and barking at strange noises, perhaps due to bad memories of being run over 3 times by careless humans in speeding cars, but give him a biscuit and this guy can still wag his tail faster than a speeding fan. Today this old boy with rapidly depleting eyesight, sense of smell and only a few teeth is still holding his ground and is the best watch dog one could ask for and we hope he will stay with us for many more years to come.

This is Shivani & Kondya’s story…….what’s yours?

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