Shivani, Manjiree and Tiger

An Indie love story.

Shivani, Manjiree & Tiger



#Shivani, Manjiree & TigerWho am I? Where did I come from? What was my name? No one knows…..I was abandoned by someone who I assume got me under the guise of being a pure bred German Shepard and then on realising I wasn’t beautiful enough left me on the road to fend for myself. A couple of kind basti people took me in but when I became sick they shooed me away and that’s how I came back on the road. Life had given me a hard blow but then one fine day, on one of their first aid rounds two ladies spotted me looking really unwell. They came to my rescue and started feeding me regular meals. When I didn’t improve they took me to the vet and started my treatment. A month down the line, here I am hale and hearty back to my happy joyous self and I wait with wide eyes for my girls to arrive with food and I know they sneak in the medicines but I don’t mind as I know it’s for my own health. I am still on the street but atleast I am now healthy. My girls ( yes that’s what I call them) tell me they are looking for a home for me where I will be loved forever, will have a cozy bed, and endless supply of food and walkies. I love to sit in the car, I walk great on the leash, I let my humans handle my food bowl and I am very well behaved at the vets, so I wonder is there a human out there who will take me home? Till that happens I know my girls will keep feeding me and ensuring that I stay healthy and out of trouble.

I am Tiger and my girls are Manjiree and Shivani….. this is my story…..what’s yours?

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