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Shivani & Pintoo

It is generally said dogs outgrow their ears but Pintoo would outgrow her name was something no one imagined. Looking at her today everyone wonders why she is called Pintoo as she is a huge dog. Pintoo also lovingly known as Rani arrived 9 years ago as a pint sized puppy (hence the name), who left her, where she came from no one knows? She knew to survive she needed to be smart and she went about it by befriending everyone, from the society watchmen, kids, other dogs and of course the residents. Over the last 9 years there have been hundreds of adventures that Pintoo has been on, accompanying people on their walks out of her territory, landing up with the neighbours to buy milk at the grocery store, jumping in the car for a ride and hiding in our house for 5 days during Diwali, but she always wanted to be outdoors. The last year has been tough for her as Pintoo had to undergo surgery for heamatoma, and overnight from an outdoor dog she became an indoor dog. People adopt dogs in this case we as a family got adopted by Pintoo as she has decided she likes it with us and now stays with us full time. She has also decided that it is in her interest to tolerate the cats in the house as she gets to eat the leftovers from their bowls. Ferociously protective of us, loyal to the core, still very very naughty, big in size and ready for a fight with any dog but scared of a small fly this is our Pintoo.

This is Shivani & Pintoo’s story…….what’s yours?

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