Shreya Khaladkar, Pratik Marchande and Blackie

An Indie love story.

Shreya Khaladkar, Pratik Marchande & Blackie

#Shreya Khaladkar, Pratik Marchande & Blackie

I lived a happy life with my hoomans. But one day they decided they wanted to move, but left me alone on the street. I cried and cried but they never came back. So I lived on the streets, determined to find someone who loved me and would never abandon me. One cold winter night, I was sleeping in the mud, shivering from head to toe, when someone put a warm blanket on me to keep me warm. And that’s when i knew i had found my hooman. I followed her one day and went straight into her house and slept on the sofa. ‘You are my mom’, I told her, and i think she already knew.
– Blackie The Street Fighter
(Age 4-5 years, 3 broken teeth, fractured tail tip and manners to put a human to shame. Amazing with humans and terrified of other dogs).

This is Shreya Khaladkar, Pratik Marchande & Blackie’s story……. what’s yours?

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