Silvia and Dusty

An Indie love story.

Silvia & Dusty

#Silvia & Dusty

Silvia found Dusty when he was around 2 months old… Bitten by cats..shooed and beaten by the lady who bought him. She stopped her from hitting him.. took him in.
He had very high fever. His neck had a gaping wound..he had bites all over him. Everytime she picked him up or he opened his mouth to eat..he would scream with pain. The vet said he would not last long…but with determination and love..he survived. Within 15 days he was eating on his own. He had a defective ear..due to which one ear always flopped down.. everyone who met him fell in love.
But Silvia already had 2 asked people if they wanted to adopt him.
But by the end of the 2nd month..she and her hubby knew..they needed him as much as he needed them.
So here is Dusty now at 4.5 years old and Silvia and hubby can’t sleep without him being next to them. Yes ..he does bully his older sisters, but he loves them too 😊

This is Silvia & Dusty’s story……. what’s yours?

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