St. Miras College for Girls and Moti aka Tommy

An Indie love story.

St. Miras College for Girls & Moti aka Tommy


#St. Miras College for Girls & Moti aka Tommy

If only every college in the city followed the principle of compassion and co-existence we would have a society which would be more kind, giving and tolerant of each other. Moti is a 5 year old Indie who found his permanent home in the campus of St. Miras college for girls and is one happy dog. He’s taken care of by the guards and housekeeping staff, has been vaccinated and neutered and is allowed the freedom to roam around the whole campus, sit with the girls, play in the garden, and of course have an occasional run outside the campus to meet his buddies. Treats from the girls, belly rubs on demand and a nice shady corner to lie down after all that play time is all that Moti demands. His gentle presence teaches the students that it’s possible to Co-exist and share their place with another living being and this lesson is what they will take ahead with them in life.

This is St. Miras college for girls and Motis story……. what’s yours?

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