As per W.H.O studies in developing countries sterilization is the ONLY
the scientific method for reducing the stray dog population.

Mass killing or relocation of dogs makes the problem worse. Dogs are territorial
animals – if they are removed from a particular area, the vacuum created will cause other dogs to migrate here. These new dogs may not be vaccinated or sterilized. Hence it is better, in the long run, to sterilize all the dogs in the area than to remove them.

In 1993 the policy of mass killing of stray dogs was abandoned because it was
found to be a massive failure – not only had the incidence of rabies gone up, the population of stray dogs had also increased. Since January 1994, sterilization (Animal Birth Control) is the official government policy for reducing the
stray dog population.

Respective Municipalities (Dog Squad) will pick up unsterilized dogs (males and females) and take them to the authorized Sterilization Centers, where they will be operated, given the anti-Rabies vaccination and then returned after 4 – 6days. The right ear of the dog will be clipped to indicate that it is sterilized.

After operation dogs have to be returned back to the place they were picked up
from as per the law.

Under the Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules 2001, subsection (1) of section 38
of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act., the following acts are punishable by law.

The Municipality Dog Squad must not be asked to do the following –

• Picking up of lactating mothers and puppies
• Picking up puppies younger than 6 months.
• Picking up sterilized dogs
• Relocation of dogs
• Dumping of street dogs outside the city limits

As a concerned citizen, how can YOU help?

• Help the Municipality Dog Squad in identifying and catching stray dogs in your locality so that they can be sterilized.
• Do NOT put pressure to relocate dogs – this will make the problem worse in
the long run.
• Do not dump garbage on the roads. Exposed garbage increases the breeding
rate of stray dogs.
• Spread awareness about the importance of sterilization.
• Every society should adopt one or two stray dogs by feeding, sterilizing and
vaccinating them.

They will act as guard dogs and not allow new dogs into the area.

Please note that it is a cognizable offense under Section 428/429 of the Indian
Penal Code to maim, injure, poison or kill a street animal.