Sumedh, Chinmay, Shruti and Khandu

An epic Indie love story

Sumedh, Chinmay, Shruti & Khandu


In loving memory of Khandu
We lost our dear friend Khandu today. He had lived a long and happy life thanks to the loving care of Sumedh, his mother, Chinmay and all the people who lived in that lane. He was 18 years old, and till a few days back, enjoyed him meals and his naps in the sun. My fondest memory of him is when he used to come tagging along with Sumedh for Sunday morning rugby sessions at Kamala Nehru park. He came as a pup to my place on a rainy evening and my then dog, Spot instantly adopted him and considered him her son. He was white with a black head and spots, we named him Khandu. Khandu used to climb over me, greet me when I came home, come for long walks around the area with me. That’s the thing he loved most. Long walks at night, and Parle G biscuits that I used to keep in my scooter and Pedhas. His ears used to perk up as I approached the gate, knowing a treat was in order. Khandu lived a long, peaceful life frolicking around the lane, playing with the pack of our common dogs and chilling at the doorstep of his bunglow. Slowly, we could see his muzzle whitening, eyes becoming bit misty and joints becoming arthritic. He slowed down on walks, and we waited for him to catch up at night. Then, one day he stopped coming for a walk and I was afraid I’d lost him but he held on. With gentle ministrations of homeopathy by his owners, he was the same Khandu, just more sendentary. Till last week, he used to come out and bask in the sun. Last week, Khandu couldn’t move but recognised all of us and even today, when the doctor asked us for permission to euthanise him, he licked Sumedh’s hand, a last goodbye of love by a friend of 18 years. Our dear Khandu. We buried him just behind his home. His forever home in the happy hunting grounds. He lives on in our hearts now, the 6inch pup that used to peak around the corner when my scooter showed up. Dear little Khandu. Goodbye, my friend. We shall meet again.
This is Sumedh, Chinmay, Shruti and Khandu’s story…what’s yours?
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