Suprita and Goofy

An Indie love story.

Suprita & Goofy

#Suprita & Goofy

Goofy, our baby girl, came into our lives when we were least expecting. Our boy, Ronnie, didn’t like other dogs much, especially the ones that came home but he took to this recued pup we were fostering. She was picked up by some kids who played with her and left her to herself once they were done. We heard her howling one day and ran down to check and found a fur ball, all alone in an empty parking lot. Without a second thought we picked her, got her home and fed her. One glance at her and Ronnie decided he liked her so we knew she was here to stay. Big puppy dog eyes, black face and a white coat, she looked like she was wearing a mask. We named her Goofy, and today, after two years, we know she was the perfect addition to our family. She has grown up to be the naughtiest, funniest and the goofiest monkey, creating havoc everywhere she goes. She loves to chase away birds (her mission is to bark at each one of them every single day, once or twice a day), growl at everyone (mostly at no one), chew at everything she is not supposed to (broom, doormats, slippers, etc), and pick up a fight with dogs double her size. During her walks, she makes it a point to growl at every other dog and show them who is the boss. But when around kids, she is an absolute charmer. She adores them and plays with them for hours. She loves everything about the world but what she loves the most is her family. She is over-enthusiastic about protecting us, sometimes from people we don’t need protection from. She truly is the comedian of the house and never fails to amuse us with her antics. Goofy is a happy puppy, who believes it is alright to be a little un-girly sometimes (read, most of the times); a girl doesn’t have to act the way the world wants her to. Though she drives us crazy with her energy all the time, we wouldn’t give up this life with her for anything in the world. She is our strength, our hope and our support. She is our daughter!

This is Suprita & Goofys story……. what’s yours?

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