Stray Dogs

Shivani & Medu

  #IndieLoveStories #Shivani & Medu The no name brown dog came into my life a couple of months ago when a local animal group reported that...
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Urvashi & Annie

  #IndieLoveStories #Urvashi & Annie with Kiara the Indie Cat I have always had dogs my entire life right from my childhood and then post my...
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Laura & Toby

#IndieLoveStories #Laura & Toby This one is a typical Bollywood story of Desi Munda & English Mem. Toby knew he needed help and found the perfect...
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Shivani & Pintoo

It is generally said dogs outgrow their ears but Pintoo would outgrow her name was something no one imagined. Looking at her today everyone wonders...
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