The hate faced by animal lovers all over India

The hate faced by animal lovers all over India

Animal lovers all over India are being faced by immense hate caused by their feeding of our community dogs (Indies). People who aren’t animal lovers blame them for increasing the menace caused by animals and think of their love for animals as irrational considering that there are millions of humans in pitiable conditions as well.

Of course, there are hundreds of arguments against these statements but let us not forget that nurturing and caring are acts of humanity which come most naturally for all human beings and all one is doing is extending it towards our very own Indies.

The cruelty towards animals goes far beyond what even the most sadistic of us could imagine. Most cases remain unreported because animals are unable to report the crimes done against them. While there aren’t always- or even usually- witnesses to these events, even the few times that there are, not many of them are willing to take the time and energy out to report these cases of vile injustice.

Even so, every week the local papers are filled with tales of cruelty against community dogs simply because the Indie was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is where people like us come in. While we are simply trying to protect animals, care for them and bring light to some of their issues, much of society considers this to be inconvenient to them and the lifestyles they lead, which brings us all into conflict.

While there isn’t much we can do to change the mindsets of the entire society, it is important not to lose hope. Unlike our canine friends, you have a voice and you must use it to the fullest. Read up and be aware of things you can do to bring criminals to justice and to prevent these things from happening again. Never be silent in the face of cruelty because COEXISTENCE is the way forward.

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