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Is to help speed up Sterilization and Anti-Rabies Vaccination 


It is a surgical method through which the vet removes the reproductive organs. It does not hurt. In males it is the testicles (castration); in females the ovaries and the uterus (ovaryhisterectomy  – OVH or sterilization). The hormonal processes disappear but the character of the animal does not suffer alteration. In dominant aggressive males, this behaviour can attenuate or disappear. Females stop being on heat.


Stray Dogs in India are often called Indies. Indies are not owned by anyone, but they are definitely attached to certain households, societies or other nearby establishments and are fed and vaccinated regularly.  Dogs everywhere, whether they are pets or on the streets act as companions to human beings. They protect and alert us from untold dangers. In return for this loyalty, we feed them and nurture them, even if they don’t officially belong to any one individual, they are considered as community dogs. Indies are being collared which has NFC chips fixed to their collar.  The chip will provide various data like their vaccination schedule, sterilization, medical condition etc using an Android application.


Buddies (Volunteers) are direct link to Indies. Each Indie is linked to one or more volunteers through INDIES mobile application.  Indies are collared with NFC chips which helps this connect. Buddies have a great role to play in the life cycle of an Indie as they take care of their feeding, sterilization, vaccination etc.  As part of this project, Buddies will be enabled with lot of information and help through the Mobile App.

Anti-Rabies Vaccination

Rabies is a fatal viral disease which affects the central nervous system. It causes inflammation of the brain, leading to death. Diagnoses should be carried out by an expert either clinically or by laboratory examination. Certain neurological disorders can also show similar symptoms, a dog may salivate due to ulcers in the mouth or poisoning, it can bite due to provocation too. So an examination by a veterinarian is a must. Vaccination against Rabies is a process that needs to be followed every year to prevent Rabies from spreading.

Rescue, Missing & Found

INDIES Mob App has features to take care of reporting Rescue, Missing and Found in the city of operations.  Every Buddy using the App can instantaneously seek help while rescuing an Indie or reporting a missing or found Indie.  It has features of ‘near-by’ assistance like VET doctors, Ambulance providers and nearby Buddies.


Often, when people go looking for pets, they don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts on getting a pet of their choice. Though money can buy pedigreed dogs with chiseled bodies and shiny coats, the love of a stray comes for free! They are born into challenging environments and deserve a shot at a loving, safe and secure life. For first time pet owners, adopting an adult stray dog or cat can save them time and effort on toilet training.

The most important point that weighs in favour of adopting as opposed to buying is simply that you will make a small but significant difference to this world!


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Sterilize. Don’t kill.

To reduce Human and Stray dog conflict, killing is not the solution.
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