Yesu & Teddy and Rani

An Indie love story.

Yesu & Teddy and Rani


#Yesu & Teddy & Rani

For those of you who know Yesu, you will know him as the miracle man who is called upon every time a stray animal has his head stuck in a jar in search of food or water. Yesu discovered his love for animals via his mother who had Bhujung, their first rescued Indie and whose philosophy in life is that once you pat a dog on his head he/she becomes your responsibility and that is what guided him into active animal rescue work.
Teddy was found by Yesu in a garbage bin in a plastic bag and he couldn’t ignore the cries of the little one and brought him home.
Rani and Teddy have both found a loving home with Yesu and his family. At just about 3 years of age both are the queens of Yesu’s household along with two cats who think its their duty to get involved in doggie play time.
While Rani is dominant in the house it is Teddy who take over on their rounds outside and both have very nicely decided their respective human (Yesu’s Mum and Sister ) to share the bed with. Whenever Yesu comes back from work all he needs to see are the antics of Rani and Teddy with the cats specially when a dead mouse is involved to completely destress himself.

This is Yesu and Teddy and Rani’s story……. what’s yours?

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